Coast To Coast Tours strives to provide you with the safety and reliability you deserve. Below we have the steps available to check out the safety ratings of any Department of Transportation (DOT) included company. You can find the Coast To Coast Tours safety report by clicking here.

1. Access the DOT safety website.

The first step is to access the Department of Transportation website for the safety reportings of all transportation companites. This is a nationwide database, so feel free to use it for any company you find throughut the United States. You can find the website by clicking here.

2. Enter the bus company’s DOT number or company name.

At the main page of the DOT safety reporting website, enter in the company’s information. You can use the DOT number, MC/MX number or the name of the company. Once you enter the company’s identity, press the search button. Select from the list of companies the one you are attempting to search for.

3. Review the reports of prospective bus companies.

After selecting the bus company of your choice, you can go on to review that company’s snapshot. This snapshot details any accidents the company may have had. It also contains the results of random compliance audits performed by the state. Most importantly, this page reveals the company’s current rating with the DOT. Coast To Coast Tours maintains a satisfactory rating with the Department of Transportation.